7 Minute Workout - Phew!

As this year’s new year resolution Wait! Lets not call it a new year resolution as it tends to increase the chances of failure. As an attempt to get a little fit I have decided to try out the 7 minute workout. Besides my lazyness another reason why I have been avoiding exercise in the morning is because I fel it may drain too much energy and I won’t have much left for the rest of day. Recently I came across this post which mentions exactly the opposite of what I think. The reason behind their theory is endophrins. Endophrins are natural pain killers and released when we exercise but the good point is that they remain in the body throught the day and make us feel happy. So I bought into all of the above and today is my first day of the experiment.

Warning: Mute the music first its unbearable.

So how do I feel now? - Tired, Really Tired! Happy? - I don’t know.

Neverthless I will try to carry this on for the rest of the week and write how I feel about it in the long run.