Google Summer of Code 16 Begins

Finally, the coding period of GSoC 16 has begun. I don’t know if my Welcome Package has been delivered. So that is the first thing I am going to ask folks back home when I call them tomorrow. I am really excited about the stuff I will be working on this summer. It could not have been better, I am actually getting paid to do something which I would have taken up otherwise too (more on the cool stuff I am buying later). My project this year is related to Artificial Intelligence. I will be working on Python Implementations of algorithms for the new edition of the book Artificial Intelligence : A Modern Approach. I am already learning a lot as I am reading the book and the code. The project has an awesome set of mentors/contributors who are way-way-way more experienced and knowledgeable than me. I guess working alongside them will be a good boost to my code quality. I also hope that by the end of the summer I will develop a solid understanding of many of the topics in the book along with some useful code :P.

I was recently given write access to the main repo and I made my first commit directly to the master today. I ran the tests before but it was still a little scary committing directly to the master. I guess I will get used to it with time.